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Contact Lenses for Your Vision Needs

Some eye conditions, like dry eyes, can make it difficult to wear contact lenses. However, today’s technology allows for almost anyone to enjoy glasses-free vision. We have a large selection of specialty contact lenses to help provide as many patients as possible with comfortable contacts. 

Visit us for an in-depth exam, and we can find the right contacts for your vision needs. We’re always excited to help our patients enjoy clear vision with specialty lenses.

What Are Specialty Contact Lenses?

Specialty contacts are lenses designed for eyes with unique needs. Regular soft contacts and rigid lenses aren’t for every patient, and many have eye conditions affecting their ability to comfortably wear contacts. Specialized contact lenses let us provide quality care to our patients, no matter their vision and eye health situation. 

We can determine if specialty contact lenses are right for your needs during a contact lens exam and fitting. Our team will examine your eyes and discuss your lifestyle and medical history to understand your vision needs. After completing your exam, we can recommend a pair of lenses we feel will provide clear and comfortable vision.

Our Specialty Contact Lenses

We offer a wide range of specialty contact lenses, offering the vision correction you need. Our team will recommend contact lenses after examining your eyes and discussing your vision needs. While we’ll recommend lenses, the final decision is yours—we want you to leave our practice with contact lenses you love. 

Our specialty contacts at Severna Park Eye Care include hybrid, MiSight, multifocal, ortho-k, scleral, and toric lenses.

Hybrid Lenses

Hybrid contact lenses feature rigid and soft materials to provide clear, comfortable vision. The middle of the lens consists of a rigid material to provide clear vision, and the outer skirt of the lens has a softer material. This design lets you have clear vision with a more comfortable fit.

MiSight contact lenses help slow myopia progression. Your child replaces these disposable lenses daily, making them ideal for children new to contact lenses. The design of the lens corrects vision and slows myopic progression.

The center of the lens provides clear vision while alternating rings surround it. These myopia control zones help bring light in front of the retina and slow eye growth.

Multifocal contact lenses feature multiple prescriptions in a single lens, helping you see clearly from different distances. Depending on your vision needs, you may have 2 or 3 prescriptions throughout the lens. These contacts are beneficial for patients with presbyopia.

Orthokeratology (ortho-k) lenses are corneal shaping contact lenses. They gently reshape the cornea as you wear them overnight, providing clear vision during the day without needing corrective lenses. Besides clear vision, ortho-k lenses can help control myopia progression.

Scleral contacts are specialty lenses designed for hard-to-fit eyes. These large-diameter lenses rest on the sclera, the white of your eye.

Resting on the sclera helps transform the eye into a smooth optical surface, and the space between the lens and eye creates a fluid reservoir. These lenses are ideal for patients with conditions like keratoconus or dry eyes.

Toric contact lenses can benefit patients with astigmatism, providing different areas of focus throughout the lens. Unique for each patient, toric lenses have different focusing powers in the lens to provide clear vision. To help these lenses stay in place, they feature a weighted bottom so your lenses don’t shift throughout the day.

Find the Right Contacts for Your Needs

We believe there’s a pair of contact lenses for every patient we see. Our team can recommend the best contacts for your needs after completing an in-depth examination. Visit us for a contact lens exam and fitting, and we can find the right contacts for your needs.

Experience Innovative & Frameless Vision

In the past, there were 2 kinds of people: those who could wear contact lenses and those who couldn’t wear contact lenses. But no longer!

Certain eye conditions can make wearing regular contact lenses uncomfortable and irritating. At Severna Park Eye Care, we offer a variety of specialty contact lenses so you, can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of frameless vision. 

Whether you need extra hydration for dry eye symptoms, multiple prescriptions in a single lens, or help slow myopia progression, we have contact lenses for you. Book your contact lens exam with us today and discover which lenses work best for you.

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